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Makati versus BGC

The term ‘location, location, location,’ applies to where you decide to put your office. Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines is home to several business districts: Makati, Bonifacio Global City, and Ortigas being the main hubs. Choosing a location is the most important factor when starting your business in the Philippines. Determining the best area for your organization is key for your employees alleviating them from the congestion of the entire city.

Philippines Eyes Halal Export Market

Halal market is making tremendous global presence recently, and the Philippines sets to join the economic trend. Some of the country’s lawmakers are pushing for the formation of a standardized accreditation and regulatory board that can help make standardized guidelines/local muslim food producers globally competitive.

Manila took over Mumbais spot as worlds 2nd outsourcing city_
Manila took over Mumbai’s spot as world’s 2nd outsourcing city

The Philippine economy looks robust with two of its cities crashing into the top 10 of the Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations for 2014. Since its opening, the IT-BPO market in the Philippines has demonstrated great potential to become a global leader by leveraging a world-class workforce. The country’s I.T. Business Process Association of the Philippines or iBPAP, along with other local government agencies, promotes the industry, in part through campaigns designed to develop IT-BPO capabilities in additional hub cities.

Philippine Energy Companies Seize Investment Opportunities_
Philippine Energy Companies Seize Investment Opportunities

Renewable energy is a growing industry in the Philippines, thanks in part to increased investor optimism in renewable energy investments. Both foreign and local investors alike, including two of the Philippines’ top trading partners, are confident in the country’s potential as a major renewable energy investment destination.

Philippines Amnesty Act 2007_
Philippines Amnesty Act 2007

It must be a jubilee year. In Christian theology the Jubilee is a special year for the remission of sins and universal pardon through plenary indulgence. Forgiveness of all sins di culpa e di pena is granted only to the truly penitent-the ones who make a confession of their sins make the required a pilgrimage to a specified holy place.

Public-Private Partnerships to Boost Philippine Economy

According to Aquino, “The answer to our lack of funds are new and creative ways to address long standing problems. There are a number of investor groups that have expressed interest and confidence in the Philippines. This is the solution: public and private sector partnerships.”

Tourism Enterprise Zones Take Global Competitiveness to New Heights

Republic Act (RA) 9593, or the Tourism Act of 2009 passed by the Arroyo administration, cements a national policy bolstering investments and improving employment in the Philippines’ tourism industry. Fast forward to 2011, less than two (2) years since the law’s inception, and the country is seeing a rise in international visitor arrivals, which spiked to 7.89% in the first quarter of 2010.

Bright Prospects Ahead for Philippine Agribusiness_
Bright Prospects Ahead for Philippine Agribusiness

The last ten years has been crucial to the development of agricultural and rural infrastructure in the Philippines. The country now boasts a nautical highway which has significantly eased the transport of agricultural products from the island of Mindoro to other parts of the country.

Philippines Tax Talk: Understanding the REIT Act

In a bid to boost the stock market, the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Act was recently passed into law, marking the fourth legislative attempt to bolster economic growth and development in Philippine markets. The Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Act of 2009 (Republic Act No. 9856) promises to promote economic development in capital markets, democratize the distribution of wealth by increasing Filipino participation in the Philippine real estate market, enable the financing of infrastructure and other projects through the management of capital markets, and provide protection to the investing public.

Government Initiative Boosts Tourism Industry in the Philippines
Government Initiative Boosts Tourism Industry in the Philippines

A legacy of the Arroyo government, the National Tourism Act (R.A. 9593) has brought Philippine tourism to greater heights, boosting industry growth to 6.64% in the first quarter of 2010. According to statistics from the Department of Tourism, foreign arrivals increased by 7.89%, and domestic tourism by 6.09%.

Commerce Flows into Subic, Philippines
Commerce Flows into Subic, Philippines

Subic Bay, Philippines is bordered on the east by Zambales mountains and the South China Sea on the west. A former US Naval base, Subic is now a freeport zone and a gateway for the transportation of goods. And, while it’s topography is more of a jungle paradise, technology, infrastructure, and industry have changed the landscape and the standard of living in the community.

Global IT-BPO Philippines vs Malaysia_
Global IT-BPO: Philippines vs. Malaysia

Malaysia and the Philippines are two of the largest outsourcing destinations in Southeast Asia, both countries competing to achieve higher market shares in the global Business Process Outsourcing “IT-BPO” industry.

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